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Legalization of Business and Commerce-related Documents

The working hours for consular section of the Embassy of the Islamic republic of Iran:

Monday to Thursday

9:00 - 11:30 & 14:00- 15:30


1- Documents (Original & Copies) should initially be certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia or the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then forwarded to the consular section of the Embassy.

Documents and Papers are normally given in the following forms, for the purpose of authentication and approval: Certificate of Origin, Sale Invoice, Health Certificate or Certificate of Analysis, Bill of Lading, Power Attorney, Credit and Capital Authentication Certificates of the Company or Businessman, Article of association, Letter of Appointing Representative

2- For Legalization of Health certificate the certificate of origin and the invoice relative to that document is required;

3-In order to be able to Legalize Trading Documents, the Company must provide the 3 following articles: Invoice – Certificate of Origin – Health Certificate, all together and pay the concerning price for each article, even if it desires to certify only one of them.

4- After submitting your documents, the Embassy will study it and inform you about authentication & approval fees; 

5- The Embassy will not accept cash and the required fee should be payed via Banks (Payment via post offices will not be accepted by the Embassy); 

Bank Account of the consular section of the embassy of the Islamic republic of Iran:

Veleposlaništvo Islamske Republike Iran - konzularni oddelek

Tolstojeva Ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana

IBAN: Si56 0201 0025  9190  756




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Islamic Republic of IRAN,
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