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Press Release

Statement on US Wavering of Iran Nuclear Sanctions
Iran’s foreign ministry has issued a statement on the US administration’s extension of waivers of Iran nuclear sanctions and imposition of a series of new sanctions on certain Iranian companies and individuals.
 13:40 - 14/01/2018 - Comments : 0More >>
Iran Strongly Condemns US for Recognizing Al-Quds as Israel’s Capital
Iranian foreign ministry has strongly denounced the US administration for its decision to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of the occupying regime of Israel.
 14:27 - 7/12/2017 - Comments : 0More >>
Foreign Ministry’s Statement on Defeat of ISIS in Iraq, Syria
Iranian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement on the complete defeat of ISIS terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.
 13:31 - 22/11/2017 - Comments : 0More >>
Statement of the Islamic Republic of Iran 13 October 2017
Statement of the Islamic Republic of Iran 13 October 2017
 14:47 - 16/10/2017 - Comments : 0More >>
Press Release: Ambassador Khoshroos response to Nikki Haleys provocative statement on Iran and the JCPOA
18 August 2017- The 15th August press statement by the U.S. Ambassador to the UN on Iran is devoid of any shred of truth. The rhetoric and baseless accusations against Iran contained therein represent the latest examples of a series of provocative words, outright threats and irresponsible actions from some senior officials of the U.S. administration in demonizing Iran and undermining the JCPOA inconsistent with the U.S. commitments under paragraph 28 of the nuclear deal.
 11:57 - 25/08/2017 - Comments : 0More >>

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